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Science lives on thought exchange.

You can only see my work on sociological reasoned model building in libraries and the latest version of my simulation model TRANSFER is not even published. The model itself is mainly of interest to traffic planners; the methodology, might appeal to many scientists.

I developed the first models at a time when the computers were still learning to walk (1967 - 1975) and sociologists used them only for statistical or logical analyses. I presented the basic form of the TRANSFER model for the first time at 1983 at the World Conference on Transport Research in Hamburg. Due to the technical advances of PCs in the 90s, I was than able to developed the model in its present form and introduced it in 2000 at the 'Soziologentag in Cologne'.

You can use a demo movie of the practical traffic model TRANSFER (TRANSFER stands for TRANS portation signified as Familily-Environment-Relations, but also references the combination of theory and practice)
as well as a PowerPoint presentation (pdf-version).
To view or download the movie or the presentation is free of charge

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me:

Would you like to read about about my theory and the modelling in more detail? If so, you can find my publications on the topic "Modelling and Simulation" in the section “Literature”. You can download this free of charge.

June 2014
Erich Ruppert


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