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Engineers and economists often attempt to depict social behavior with complicated mathematical and low in content models. Sociology is usually opposed to this by few. Their theoretical concepts are frequently inaccurate or undifferentiated, and their variables are difficult to put into practice. That is why, over forty years ago, I had the task of developing new models that could simulate concrete social-space relationships.

The core of the developed computer programs are "logical operations" instead of mathematical equation systems.

The value, but also the limits, of these methods are reflected in the individual stages of construction and their epistemic theories.

"MODELS ON SPACIAL BEHAVIOUR" (Dortmund, 1977) differentiates and formalizes concepts of reductionist system theory and shows two application examples.
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"SIMULATION OF SPACIOUS INTERACTIONS" (Dortmund, 1986) introduces step-by-step design principles of reductionist simulation models as applied, inter alia, in the TRANSFER model.
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